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Sagar Insurances

Padiham, BB12 7NG
2 Weeks

Sagar Insurance are the North West No 1 Broker. Specialising in business and personal insurances.

Their original office accommodation was a series of stone terraced houses in the centre of Accrington. The business had plans to grow and modernise and Sagar Insurances employed our services to initially space plan a new office at one of Business First’s centres in Padiham.

The design phase was a fascinating process as Sagar wanted to embody a complete change in the way they operated, opting towards a modern open plan space with an open and fresh feel. We then worked with Business First to liaise with mechanical and electrical contractors to ensure that the floor boxes and partitions were correctly located. We then supplied all of the new, bench desking, stonewall, seating, boardroom and other bespoke and electrical items to complete their new office.

Sagar Insurances were delighted with the space we created for them.